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My Mechanic Rules


mmr-oldCalling all bike mechanics. Are you up for the challenge of My Mechanic Rules?
A Holgate Brewhouse Single Speed World Champs satellite event in the vein of ‘Australian Idol’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’, only with beer.  And bikes. And DJ’s and general good times. Commuter Cycles in Brunswick will be hosting the initial knock out rounds (Tuesday October 18th) with a series of gnarly bike mending challenges, with the final 4 mechanics progressing to the death match show down event Saturday (22nd October) at Woodend as part of the Holgate Brewhouse Single Speed World Champs Saturday night festivities.
So like the prince searching the kingdom for cinderella with his glass slipper – we need the contenders. Great prizes, good times, and opportunity to take out the first ever title. Who you got?  Pre-registrations only…   at Commuter Cycles (03) 9380 2225 or
One month away – get in touch.
PS it’s also a spectator sport! Roll up.


Single speeding on the cheap

A half arsed guide for tight arses.

  1. The cheapest single way to get on an SS for SSWC16 would be to borrow a complete bike off your lazy mate that isn’t going. Everyone I know has a singlespeed or 2 kicking around in the shed. You’re mad if you don’t already. (PM B Rad the details of your mate that owns the SS and isn’t going to SSWC16, he’s a chump)
  1. A quick conversion. Rip off the useless and unnecessary parts. Shifters, shift cables, big and little rings, front mech if you haven’t already chucked it. Put them in the bin. Now with only your middle ring* on the front, get down to your LBS and get a rear ss cog and spacer kit. They should have an 18 tooth kicking around or can get one in for you. Make your chain as short as possible using your rear mech as a tensioner, screw in your limit screws to line up your new cog and viola. *this method works best if you have a singlespeed specific front ring (i.e. no shifting ramps) or one of the narrow wide types.
  1. Using method 2, and using a hardtail, you might be able to get the magic gear. If so, chuck your rear mech in the bin too
  1. Ghost cog might work if there’s enough room behind your chainstay. Method 3 and a well placed spare cog of the right size can work a treat

Minolta DSC

  1. Buy some pink knicks and ride your geared bike whilst wearing them. We can zip tie the levers to prevent any gear changing mishaps
  1. Just come and drink beer!

Thanks to B Rad for the words.

Don’t miss out

Hurry up, hurry up. What are you waiting for? The big top is filling up fast and you don’t want to miss out on your seat.

You’ve only got 11 days to get your entry in if you want to go in the draw for the awesomely awesome custom titanium frame from Hettly Bikes.


Register HERE before 1 July or you might find yourself out the back of the tent with the clowns.

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What to do in Melbourne

Figured you will probably find yourself wandering around the city at some stage wondering WTF do people do for fun here, so we got Damo, our man about town to give us the rub.

Melbourne’s 10ish BEST Pubs/bars (most have food too)

Cherry Bar, ACDC Lane Melbourne city
The Tote Hotel, cnr Johnson St. and Wellington St Collingwood
Carwyn Cellars, 877 High St Thornbury
The Racoon Club, 145 Plenty Rd Preston.
The Fox Hotel, 351 Wellington St Collingwood
Northcote Social Club, 301 High St Northcote
The Labour in Vain, 197A Brunswick St Fitzroy
The Old Bar, 74-76 Johnson St Fitzroy
The Gem Bar, 289 Wellington St Collingwood
Naked for Satan/Naked in the Sky, 285 Brunswick St Fitzroy
The Union Hotel, 109 Union St Brunswick
The Rooftop Bar and Cinema, 252 Swanston St Melbourne city
Gin Palace 10 Russell Place Melbourne city
Reverence Hotel, 28 Napier st, Footscray. For both the live Music (hard n fast) and excellent well priced Mexican food. Look out for Taco Tuesday’s, $3 Taco’s and $3 Mexican beers.

Tattoo Parlours

Melbourne tattoo co, 2/2 Somerset Pl, Melbourne
Good Luck tattoo, 454 Church Street Richmond
Vintique tattoos, 513 Main St, Mordialloc (Hal Hunter from Hunter Bros Cycling)


Bike shops

My Mountain, 398 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
Saint Cloud, 73 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Summit Cycles, 106 Victoria Street, Fitzroy
Commuter Cycles, 14 Prentice St, Brunswick
Jetnikoff Bicycle Co, 2 Union St, Brunswick
Jesse’s Bike Bar, Chapel St Fitzroy
Astro boy racer (all start bicycle mechanic), 286 Wellington St Collingwood
Cyclic Bicycles, Pin Oak Crescent, Kensington
Walkers Wheels, 118 Para Rd Montmorency, Say G’day to Marcus
Woodend Cycles, 68 High St, Woodend

People should check out funky Hunter Bros Cycling kit – rear 48 Smith Street, Collingwood only open Wednesdays 11am – 4pm (check Instragram @hunterbroscycling).

Vegan and Vego places to eat

Smith & deli, 111 Moor St, Fitzroy
Yong green food, 421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
The vegie bar, 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Trippy taco, 234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Loving Hut, 377-379 High Street, Northcote
Fred Gets Friendly (Food/Supreme Coffee/Pana Choc), 41-49 Smith Street, Collingwood
Laksa King, Pin Oak Crescent, Kensington. Generous serves & cheap.



The secret squirrel, Swan St Richmond, (say g’day to Nathan)
A Boy Named Sue, 87 Burns St, St Andrews (if you are going for a Smiths Gully mtb ride, go here for good coffee!)
An Important note about Cafes and Coffee. If you are having trouble finding either, you maybe in the wrong city or country, so check your map.


This list is far from concise, check guidebooks and the internets for even more great Melbourne adventures. Stay tuned more handy hints and useful information in the coming weeks.