Dirty Deeds CX comes to Carni-velo

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Everyone’s favourite Cyclocross ruffians Dirty Deeds CX are joining up to present a cyclocross side event amidst the joyful celebration that is Carni-velo at the Holgate Brewhouse Single Speed World Championships!ddcx
There will be a series of shorter races where entrants can race geared or singlespeed bikes for the chance of eternal bragging rights. The male and female winner will receive the much coveted BCCDDCXSSC trophies.
Racers can ride CX bikes or MTBs (or whatever, but no recumbents… please think of the children) over a somewhat standard CX course. The organisers reserve the right to pit racers against their friends or apply spurious handicaps based on perceived form/fitness.
Race format will vary depending on number of entries and will be announced closer to the date. If you’ve been to a SpookyCx, DDCX prologue or OckerCross you have some idea of what to expect. If not, it will likely hurt like a normal CX race but for less time and you will be smiling even more.
COSTUMES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. SERIOUSLY… We normally give out the best prizes for costumes rather than actual race performance. Don’t make us give the ‘fastest’ racer the best stuff.
If you’ve already entered SSWC, you can race the Dirty Deeds CX for no extra charge.
If you’re coming to Carni-velo just to race Dirty Deeds CX you have the choice of two options:
  • ‘Full Gas’ which includes race entry, official pint glass and hops-based sports drink to fill said glass throughout the day, as well as the group ride out from Woodend via Mt Macedon, bands and entertainment through the day, and then bus back into town at around 9pm for more festivities.
  • ‘Responsible Racer’ which covers race entry and the entertainment, but no glass, beer or post-race transport, (though you will be able to buy some beer on the day).

Enter at https://entryboss.cc/races/245