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A half arsed guide for tight arses.

  1. The cheapest single way to get on an SS for SSWC16 would be to borrow a complete bike off your lazy mate that isn’t going. Everyone I know has a singlespeed or 2 kicking around in the shed. You’re mad if you don’t already. (PM B Rad the details of your mate that owns the SS and isn’t going to SSWC16, he’s a chump)
  1. A quick conversion. Rip off the useless and unnecessary parts. Shifters, shift cables, big and little rings, front mech if you haven’t already chucked it. Put them in the bin. Now with only your middle ring* on the front, get down to your LBS and get a rear ss cog and spacer kit. They should have an 18 tooth kicking around or can get one in for you. Make your chain as short as possible using your rear mech as a tensioner, screw in your limit screws to line up your new cog and viola. *this method works best if you have a singlespeed specific front ring (i.e. no shifting ramps) or one of the narrow wide types.
  1. Using method 2, and using a hardtail, you might be able to get the magic gear. If so, chuck your rear mech in the bin too
  1. Ghost cog might work if there’s enough room behind your chainstay. Method 3 and a well placed spare cog of the right size can work a treat

Minolta DSC

  1. Buy some pink knicks and ride your geared bike whilst wearing them. We can zip tie the levers to prevent any gear changing mishaps
  1. Just come and drink beer!

Thanks to B Rad for the words.